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Detective Nash Peterson

A man who lost it all. A Detective searching for a killer. A killer is closer than anyone realizes to avenge a deadly past. Who will still be standing in the end?

The beginning of a new crime thriller series

Dark Vengeance: A Nash Peterson Novel (Book 1)

Nash Peterson is back from a mandatory leave and has regained his status as a detective. But, when he arrives at a crime scene to find his name written in blood, he wonders if he came back too soon. The guilt of his son’s death returns, and the killer leaves something behind to throw Nash off course, teasing him with the knowledge that it’s a game of revenge. Quickly, things escalate, and two other bodies linked to Nash emerge. As the lives of the ones closest to him are vanquished, Nash learns that a man killed during a drug raid years earlier had two sons, one in prison and one nowhere to be found. What he doesn’t know is that the killer is closer than he thinks, the person responsible isn’t who they appear to be, and they aren’t working alone. With time becoming his nemesis, Nash races into what could be a trap and where he just might be taking his last breath.

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