Everyone has a dream.

I’ve said this more times than I can actually count, everyone has had a dream at one point in their lives or they cling to one now. Having a dream and living it are two totally different things. Currently, I’m fifty-four years young and compared to my twenties when I thought I knew everything but didn’t know my butt from a hole in the ground, I believe I’m living the dream better than ever before. I recall as a child (it might surprise some of you that I was grounded a lot growing up) that I would either sit in my room, gazing out through the window, watching the tops of the grass in the field across the gravel road sway in the breeze, and wish more than anything that I could grow up faster, have my own house, be married, raise a family, and be happy. That was all I wanted at that young age. What I wasn’t aware of back in those days was that true happiness comes from within myself. Until I discovered (and believed) that fact, I had to go through a hailstorm of life experiences.
Over the years, I learned that if I want something I had to work for it. Not many things of any value came free or cheap. My dreams have been no different. For more years than I can remember I have wanted to be what I thought was a successful author, travel the world, see and experience new things, and be comfortable beyond anything I have known before. Sounds like some rather incredible things to want and yes, those things are definitely still possible, but my dreams today have evolved into something more (or less depending on how you look at it). Today, due to growth and becoming the man I am now, my wants and desires are simplier and refined. My dream of being a well-known author is still alive and kicking, but now I am content with having people in my life who love me, the gift of writing and learning how to start a podcast that I hope will benefit others, a God who will never leave me, my health and sanity (which I wonder about on some days) and never having to worry about my next meal or where I will lay my head. So, yes, in todays crazy world I am living the dream. The belief in myself and what I want is alive, is strong, and reachable. I will keep faith in them and myself and continue to work on them because dreams will not fall in my lap. I’m living the dream and will continue to flourish.

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