I'm a writer and more...

I'm also an aspiring podcaster

Soon, my new podcast, Beating the Odds, will be on my site and available to you all.

I'm a man who dreams...

Dreams are within our grasp, but they won’t fall in our laps. The stars are far and our dreams are further if we don’t search and work for them.

A man who wants to see other places.

The world is too beautiful to stand in one place and miss out on so much!

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Jamie Lynn Boothe

I've been a lover of fiction my entire life, so it's only natural for me to write. I'm a lover of many things and want to explore my options. I believe with the entirety of my soul that we are all blessed with some kind of gift. I do not want mine to fade away and one day have any regrets for not flourishing to the best of my ability.

There's more than what meets the eye. With a heart that has felt its share of pain, I have grown into a better man than before and want to help others by way of my words, both written and by voice. On my website, I am starting a podcast and will soon be available for you all to hear. Through that, I'm hoping I can help others with my own experience, strength, and hope. Maybe, you will be able to benefit from what I am offering.

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